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At Sorella we are all about energy, and that is exactly what you will get at a Sorella class. We can guarantee you won't ever leave a Sorella class without a buzz or a sore butt!


Our classes are all lead by our very own Sorella coaches, who are fully qualified and experienced in female body composition, meaning that every class is specifically planned around toning, sculpting and creating your dream body.


Our classes are suitable for all levels, from advanced to complete beginners! we have newbies at every single class so you won't ever be alone if it's your first time. And if your a gym regular, we promise you'll still feel the burn!! (we do too)

To accommodate to everyone, we make sure you girls are always given both a beginner and advanced option to choose from for each exercise so no matter what your training ability you can take part.


Classes range from 15-20 people per class. Each class lasts 45 minutes consisting of the warm up, glute activation, kettlebell exercises, a killer finisher and a cool down stretch.


So what are you waiting for? No membership needed gals, just create an account and book in! We can't wait to see you!


Welcome to our Conditioning Barbell Class – the ultimate fitness experience crafted with your goals in mind.


Designed exclusively for women seeking a dynamic and high-intensity functional workout, our Conditioning Class is the answer.


Whether you're determined to push your boundaries or elevate your fitness performance, this class is tailor-made for you. Embrace the chance to be part of a closely-knit team, where mutual motivation and support thrive. Together, you'll navigate the session, inspiring one another to excel.

Under the guidance of our expert coach, you'll tackle a meticulously structured workout that targets both your cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength.


Get ready to conquer challenges and witness the transformation within yourself.


Unveil the potential of your glutes with a specialized class meticulously crafted to fortify and contour.


Engage in a purposeful regimen featuring exercises like hip thrusts, squats, and lunges, all strategically aimed at empowering your glute muscles.

Whether your aspiration is to chisel and elevate your derrière or to amplify your overall lower body prowess, our Booty Build Class caters to all your goals.


Join us to embark on a journey towards a stronger, shapelier you.


Elevate Your Strength with Our Barbell Workout Class

Step into our dynamic Strength Barbell Class, designed to supercharge your compound lifts and elevate your overall power.


Regardless of your starting point – whether you're taking your first steps or are already familiar with the world of strength training – this class tailors itself to your journey, ensuring progress at your individual pace, all under the expert guidance of your dedicated coach.

Unveil the potential of your strength as your coach leads you through a diverse range of compound exercises.


As you engage with these foundational movements, you'll not only refine your grasp of strength training principles but also cultivate lean muscle and share the lifting journey with like-minded women, all striving towards the same empowerment.


Welcome to our dynamic Kettlebell Sweat Session!

Embark on an exhilarating journey with our Kettlebell Class tailored for those seeking an enjoyable approach to High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).


This class is designed with you in mind, providing a blend of invigorating kettlebell routines, resistance band exercises, and engaging bodyweight movements, all meticulously orchestrated to amplify your calorie expenditure and sculpt your physique.

Guiding you through this energetic experience is none other than your dedicated coach, who will be actively participating alongside you.


Their presence is not just instructional, but also motivational, ensuring that your energy levels stay elevated and empowering you to push your boundaries and give it your absolute best.


Experience the Ultimate Full-Body Workout with Our Snatched Circuit Class!

Unleash the power of our Snatched Circuit Class, a dynamic workout designed to engage every inch of your body.


Whether you're on a journey to amplify your strength or enhance your cardiovascular stamina, this class is your one-stop solution.


Our carefully crafted routine ensures a comprehensive approach that caters to all your fitness goals.


Get ready to sculpt and refine as you conquer both strength building and cardiovascular challenges in one invigorating session!


Our Sorella Studio classes are designed specifically for female body transformations and regardless of your body goal - whether it be toning those abs, building that perfect peach or working on your fitness - there is a class for you! Classes are tough but suitable for ALL levels and we promise that you will be sweating, dancing and laughing the whole way through.

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